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Use a sleep diversion to help you fall asleep faster...
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Not being able to sleep because you're mind is too active is a big challenge for a lot of people. There are endless reasons why you might have an active brain, and sometimes what you need in the moment is something to help divert your busy brain so your exhausted body can take over.

WikiSleep works on the simple principle of diversion. We offer interesting content in a meditative way that pulls you in to divert or distract you from your active brain. Our stories, histories, biographies and other fun content is always paced with brainwaves in mind, helping you reach the theta and delta rythms that are part of deep sleep.

While we certainly believe that meditation and mindfulness are valuable, in the moment a sleep diversion can serve the purpose perfectly. WikiSleep content speaks to the interests of our audience help drift off to sleepy go bye-bye land...

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