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WikiSleep works on the simple principle of diversion...
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It's not a complicated approach. When you are struggling to sleep or feeling anxious and stuck in a repetitive thought cycle, sometimes what you really need is something to help divert your attention. Deep breathing has long been known to help, but isn't always enough. You may also need or want something more—something interesting, yet familiar and fun. And that's where WikiSleep comes in.

WikiSleep is designed to be fun. Rather than requiring you to pause, meditate and fight against your busy brain, the app has stories that areieasy to get into and interesting enough to break you free from anxious thinking—but calm and quiet enough that you can sleep.

Created by folks who personally struggled with sleep for years, our content is less heady than a lot of other sleep tools or apps. We simply provide episodes that we think might grab your attention—like the Life and Times of Bob Ross or Catherine the Great or The Great Train Robbery of 1963.

Long story short, WikiSleep works on the simple principle of diversion. Choose from the ever-growing list of options, press play and sit back. That's it.

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