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The Sleep App for Curious Minds

Easy. Effective. And designed for busy brains. An affordable sleep app that actually works.

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HOW IT WORKS: WikiSleep uses the principle of diversion. We offer unique sleep stories and other curiosities that are interesting enough to grab your attention, but read soothingly and calmly enough that you can easily drift off to sleep while listening.

Our sleep stories are far from boring. Unlike other apps that are heavily focused on mindfulness, we play into your curiosity instead. Want to know about the largest art theft in history? Or listen to a biography about the Notorious B.I.G., Bob Ross, Cleopatra or hundreds of other interesting people? We have you covered.

NORM 2.png

Fearless Norm MacDonald

read by Adrien Sala
29:58 min
Cleopatra square.png
WikiSleep en Español

Cleopatra en Español

read by Nicolás Saavedra
49:45 min
Freddie for Post.png

The Magnificent Freddie Mercury

read by Frankie Watson
40:01 min
Jack the Ripper .png
Scary Stuff

Jack the Ripper: Unsolved Mystery

read by Adrien Sala
35:00 min
Gentleman Pirate.png

The Inexplicable Gentleman Pirate

35:00 min
FAN _ Square.png
Ambient & White Noise

Sleepy Fan

read by WikiSleep
2:00:00 min
Tupac 2.png

Tupac Shakur: Rap Icon & Activist

read by Frankie Watson
39:25 min
Sally Ride _ Sqaure Edited.png
Amazing & Badass Women

Sally Ride: America's First Woman in Space

read by Britt Buntain
31:59 min
The Creation of thor's hammer.png
Stories & Myths

The Creation of Thor's Hammer

read by Adrien Sala
22:22 min
Roman Colosseum.png

A Brief History of the Roman Colosseum

read by Adrien Sala
35:20 min
Isaac Newtown IMAGE.png

The Gravitas of Sir Isaac Newton

read by Adrien Sala
32:56 min

Leonard Cohen: Sage, Mystic & Romantic

read by Adrien Sala
37:20 min
George Michael 3.png

A Careless Whisper of George Michael

read by Adrien Sala
39:08 min
Salem 4.png
WikiSleep en Español

Los Juicios de las Brujas de Salem

read by Nicolás Saavedra
31:00 min

Chris Farley: Comic Genius

read by Adrien Sala
25:34 min
Arthur Ashe 2.png

Tennis Legend Arthur Ashe

read by Britt Buntain
29:40 min
Sinking into the Beach.png
Meditations & Breathing

Sinking into the Beach Visualization

read by Kyla Gagnon
18:10 min
Kerouac 1.png

Jack Kerouac: Voice of the Beat Generation

read by Adrien Sala
32:10 min
Prometheus 2.png
Stories & Myths

The Greek Myth of Prometheus

read by Jonny Buchanan
23:31 min

With a constantly growing choice of stories and sleep diversions, there's something for everyone. We offer biographies, histories, simple meditations, short stories and novellas, Spanish and French episodes, random trivia, tales of capers and crimes and much, much more...

We add new content all the time and have hundreds of episodes available already. Have something you're interested in seeing on the app? Reach out. We love to create!

I’ve struggled with falling asleep since I was a little kid. I’ve tried everything from counting sheep to meditation to soothing sounds, and nothing ever worked consistently. Then I found Wikisleep and it literally changed my life. I barely make it five minutes into an episode before I'm dozing off. A good night's sleep changes everything for me—from how I am able to run my company to how I interact with family and friends. It has been a real game-changer.

Jerrid Grimm, CEO and Co-Founder, Pressboard

I've been listening to WikiSleep since it was just a podcast and it's really very effective. The calm but interesting storytelling helps me wind down and before I know it, I'm out like a light. Definitely recommend!

Simon Whitfield, Olympic Gold & Silver Medal Triathlete

Perfect level of interest and stimulation to turn off brains that struggle with cyclical thinking when left without distraction.

B. Horowitz, active WikiSleep user

WikiSleep is so soothing. Just interesting enough for me to focus on, but not so interesting that it keeps me awake.

em.locks, active WikiSleep user

I struggled with insomnia for years. Even though I meditate and practice yoga, I was bothered by the other sleep apps out there that basically told me to just "relax". Wikisleep is different. It gets me out of my racing thoughts and listening to a compelling story and I no longer spend hours awake in the night anymore! I genuinely look forward to new episode releases even though I have no idea how they end.

Britt Buntain, Founder of Picot

I don't think I've ever made it past the 10 minute mark of an episode. I used to have a lot of trouble falling asleep but something about the tempo and the storytelling puts me out every time.

JGVanhockey, active WikiSleep user

Extremely relaxing voice and very cool subjects. My favourite sleep/relaxation app - highly recommend.

sho_time, yoga teacher and active WikiSleep user

I've been waiting for something like this. Sleep stuff doesn't need to be boring and heavy. It can be fun. I love everything about WikiSleep!

Roy Booth, active WikiSleep user

I honestly don't think I'll ever make it through this episode on D.B Cooper—I really want to but it's too damn effective. I keep falling asleep.

Linn-Jung, active WikiSleep user

Sleep doesn't have to be a mystery...

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