What is WikiSleep

WikiSleep works on the simple principle of diversion...

WikiSleep is a fun tool to help you relax and unwind so you can find better sleep, which ultimately leads to better mental and physical health. Our content works on the simple principle of diversion. Unlike most other sleep apps that are deeply based mindfulness, in which the goal is to work at finding a calm state of being, we don't require anything from you except to hit the play button.

The stories, biographies, histories and other content have all been created to pull you away from whatever is preoccupying your mind as you try to wind down. They are interesting enough to distract you, but calm and quiet enough that they won’t jolt you awake with ads or other counterproductive requirements.

Our episodes are designed to pull you in quickly and easily. They're fun and mostly interesting—although we do have an entire category dedicated to really boring stuff—and all of it is calm enough to let you fall asleep. The selection of content is always growing, with new episodes added regularly. Our current selection includes:

• Biographies
• Capers & Crimes
• Short Histories
• Journeys & Meditations
• French & Spanish Episodes
• Fun Stuff
• Boring Stuff
• Scary Stuff
• White Noise
• Ambient Sounds
• And more on the way…

We subscribe to the idea that sleep and sleep aids don’t need to be heady or heavy. Sleep truly is one of the most important aspects of being a human, so whatever it takes to help you get more, we are here for it.

We update all the time with new content and are always open to suggestions and ideas. Feel free to get in contact with ideas for anything that might help you on your sleep quest...